Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Adriano V. Yosores Sr.

This acrostic poem dedicated to my beloved father Adriano.


D - Dear Papa

R - Remember You are always in my heart,
      wherever you are right now.

I - I'll keep on praying till the day of judgement,

A - And Ingko Brox that you both meet in heaven.

N - Now! you both are gone in this earth full of sacrifices
      you do for me.

O - One day we all be together.

V - Very Special father like you.

I - In everything you do for me.

L - Laughing, Joking, and enjoying the

L - Life you have given me.

N - No matter what bad choices I might have made.

U - Until today I never regret

E - Even though I might not say all you did for me.

V - Very much appreciated, and I'll never forget.

A  - And above all for taking care our beloved Mother.

Y - You have been there for me financially

O - Over and over again

S - Saying, and advising for my future.

O - Only You is my HERO

R - Remember, that I always love you

E - Every minute of my breath.

S - So my Dear Papa, this poem is only for you, Our Hero,
      our everything, our friend, our adviser, and  a great father,
      and loving husband to our beloved mother.

 English Version
I dedicate this song to my beloved father, it remind me
 my cousin Noel sang this song to us together with my father
 that's the time I saw him laughing with tears. 

Tagalog Version
By: ShehGarLynn