Saturday, January 18, 2014

If You Think You're Love is True?

Love is everywhere
It can be found here and there
But it cannot be felt by anyone
Unless you have found your only one
Sometimes young lovers last forever
Especially if they are sincere with each other
It doesn't require a four year course
But I believe, it depends upon the persons emotion
If he truly feels or just infatuation
Love can make a stronger
Sometimes it can even make one's life shorter
But it depends on how you handle it
If you think you're love is true, go on and fight for it!

By: ShehGarLynn

How to know if you're really in love?

Are You In Love?

Love - Is something that grows with time and attention and 
I also believe can happen from any distance. I believe that
We don't have the option to pick and choose who we love. 
I believe that it is something that just happens. I feel that
There has to be a connection between two people as 
Well as some similarities and differences. I believe that 
You need time together and time apart.

Love - Feel like butterflies in your stomach, being giggly
When you hear the voice or see that someone special. 
They are someone you are thankful for each and everyday
Through not only the good but the bad unconditionally. 
You are willing to listen, console and enjoy the good times
All at the same time. I would like someone who will be there
No matter what the good time and the bad. Someone who
Can make me laugh because I believe that laughter is very
Important thing in life it really help to heal stress ease pains. 
That person is someone you wake up to in the morning and 
Smile thinking of all special times you're had and those to come.
They are someone you want to and look forward to 
Growing old with.

Love - Is the butterflies you get in your stomach when you 
See or hear that special someone's voice, getting giggly 
When you see that special someone or talk to them 
on the phone.
It's the heart palpitation your feel and dizzying.

Love - Is about wanting to share a life together and putting the
Best parts of each other together, and sharing in the responsibility
Of having and raising children. When you look at the faces and
Into the eyes of those children you not only see yourself but 
Your special someone.

Love - Is not about finding the right person but creating a
Right relationship and its not about how much love you have
In the beginning but how much love you build till the end, 
And if it is meant to be the hearts will find each other when 
They meet. And if the hearts melt together so will the body 
And soul then every word and every touch will fuel the true
Passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine,
And we will be one.

By: ShehGarLynn

My Childhood Life

There was a young boy, who became my close friend of mine. 
We played together, run here and run there, then we both stop 
Under the guava tree, smile, then laugh, and talk.....
He said to me: If I will become rich, I will buy you a big doll 
That look exactly like you, and a big house where we can play,
And live together with full of toys that everything we need so 
That our happiness will never end......
Suddenly I heard my brother who is calling my name, 
So I run home with out saying goodbye to him. The night came,
I was standing on the terrace thinking about what he said to me
And mesmerized by the dreams he has built for me.
Even until now I can still remember vividly in my mind
Every details of the word he said to me that very day. 

My sister woke me up and told me get up because I will be 
Late for school. When I rushed out, it's almost 7:00 AM
In the morning so I hurriedly get ready for the breakfast 
Then went to school.
When I reached at home after 4:00 PM, 
I was so excited to go out to play and to meet him once more.
But I found myself in distress knowing that he was gone forever.
I keep thinking why he left without saying good bye.
I found myself in the corner while my tears rolling down 
On my checks, keep thinking about how it happened?

One morning in the school as I was walking toward 
My Social Studies classroom. I noticed a lot of student
Peeping towards our classroom.
I wondered why? So I ask my classmate but she doesn't
Know neither,  as we were approaching near our classroom
I saw a boy standing near the door and being cheered.
He look smart, he was wearing nice cloth and it seem like 
He came from rich family, so everybody was friendly to him.
We were almost near the room I felt my heart palpitating.
I was astonished to see him once again, I was apprehensive
Whether to run and hug him. I wanted to ask him why. 
Inside me, I was hoping for an explanation, but my pride and anger
Over ruled the feeling that I have toward him, 
So I ignored him instead, I know he was hurt just like me.
After a month I heard that he was gone like a wind again 
I don't know even his name.....

By: ShehGarLynn

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wish me Luck

Hello Everyone!!!
It is my day!!
Mean today is my birthday!
Let celebrate and enjoy
Watching my favorite movie

Be careful with my heart, you're everything to me
You are my strength and my Life.
If I know what LOVE is, it is because I found You
Through your EYES...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

What is Love?

LOVE - Is about wanting to 
share a life together and 
putting the best parts of 
each other together, and 
sharing in the responsibility
 of having and raising children.
When you look at the faces 
and into the eyes of those 
children you not only see 
yourself but your special 

Love can wait, if they are destined from each 
Other it will really come.
Everything happed according to the plan of 
Our Almighty God

By: ShehGarLynn