Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Good Morning Love!

There is nothing more beautiful day
With a beautiful morning
Always reminding me
Your attractive SMILE.

Every day may not be good
but with your SMILE
May morning is always good and beautiful

Have a great day love!

(*_*) Keep Smiling (*_*)

By: ShehGarLynn

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Go Out And Vote!!!

Good morning everyone
This is the day
To go out and vote.

Be wise 
Be smart
And you know 
Who is the BEST.

This is for the future
For your children,
Grand children, and
For the new generation.

My prayer to all:

Oh God Almighty
You are the powerful 
You know what is best for our country
We live in
Bless the best Candidate 
Of The United State Of AMERICA
To lead  our country
With decent, Peace, 
 Harmony, and Prosperous life.