Friday, September 20, 2013

12th Day Of Invasion In Zamboanga City

My Parents and my Place

Where you can see the entrance to our compound. Where all my sibling 
Gathered together. The last time that we all met was last June 2009.
That is our last smile of our father together with his ten children
And grand children. Our last reunion. Now, no place for my nieces
And nephews to rest, to study, and to live peacefully. I cannot imagine 
The trauma they are suffering now, fears of another attack will come.

Our house still standing in this picture while the white smoke starting to
Come out from the corner. The green roof beside our gate on the right side
Of our compound is the hall and classroom for the kids (Imaus).
Funded from Italy priest. 

Here you can see the house has gone. It is more than a week now,
But my heart is still in pain and tears are still there. 
Keep asking WHY this happened? to whom should I blame.

Until today I could not accept that our house was burned.

This is the entrance of our residence, where the house built by my father
Adriano Yosores Sr, together with my brother Arden Argeo "BOY" Yosores
Who is working as architect, electrical, and civil engineer. Why I said so.
Because he does the plan of our house and approved by my father, the 
Wiring of electrical outlet, and working the house as carpenter.
Everything he does the most difficult job that I cannot imagine.

As Boyet said; A concept gate and wall by our world war 2 veteran-hero
Adriano V. Yosores, now background concept for our
Zamboanga Siege Hero... May his legacy lives....

By: ShehGarLynn

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

9th Day of Invasion

After having gun fire yesterday between the govt. forces and
Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

Alhamdulillah! We are thankful to Allah (SWT), the war is almost over,
Ins Sha Allah we still have home to live in, the place safe for our children.

As we keep updating from the RMN news from Jimmy Villaflores,
Still there are some rebels hiding inside in our area, the scout ranger, and
The Philippine Army keep checking if they are still being hostage
Inside in Martha Drive, while Jimmy delivering news what is
Happening inside they hear some gun shot again.

According to Jimmy, at the back of Nonong Guingona's house
towards left, all the houses got burned until the housing project before
The land owned by late Ramon Evangelista.
Totally emptied from the entrance of Martha Drive.

Almost all the houses burned, we still don't know if
Our house is included, In Sha Allah, Allah (SWT)
Keep our house safe from fire,
Where the MNLF camp in Imauz building it is in our
Left side from the entrance of our house.
Regarding from the hostage who able to run out
From the MNLF, they are still holding some hostages and
One of them are West family's, hoping for them to
Release soon.

By: ShehGarLynn

Monday, September 16, 2013

8th Days of Invasion

Being a Filipino I love my Country, my City, My Hometown.
Where I'm belong to the YOSORES CLAN.
I love my neighbors, my friends where I grow up, we are like brothers, and 
sisters as one family sharing each other, and love one another.

Mabuhay Tayong Lahat

In this picture above, (Bagets) we are all single, but now some died, some are married,
And some are not, and some are successful in their profession.
How I wish we could go back to our life before.
We are all believing the faith of Roman Catholic.
The happiest moment we had as family. 

I used to dream this place, I have no idea what it mean.
But now I realized and trying to figure out those dream I had.
That is something to happen in this area, I saw darkness from this place
I'm running toward Santa Barbara, Lustre Street then toward our home
Martha Drive. 

The smoke where you can see above the sky, this come from
Santa Barbara, on the right side building my college school,
Southern City Colleges where I studies BSC (Accounting Major).

By: ShehGarLynn

Sunday, September 15, 2013

7th Days of Invasion

The government negotiating what to do, we don't know what their
Meeting all about. We all the relatives keep waiting the result but,
Till when do we need to wait? we could not wait, we want the 
Positive result, we all want to go home to have full rest.  

Where you can see the Samal (thribe of Muslim) they want also a
Resting place where their children could sleep good.

Now, you can see here in grandstand full of evacuees, they just
Put some tent for them to have a place to rest.
I remember when I'm in my Elementary School we used to
Practice how to prepare the tent for emergency.
This tent they have remind me as a girls scout leader during those days.

By: ShehGarLynn

Saturday, September 14, 2013

6th Day of Invasion In Zamboanga City

The mayor wants to finish.. 
Us, the resident and relatives of the victims want it to end very soon too. 
The children wants go home, to sleep in the bed, to play and chat to their other relatives.

The photo here shows the fire from Santa Catalina, Santa Barbara,
Rio Hondo and  Mariki

It is really a scary time. We, the family, keep on calling our relatives
How they will cope up with the situation, I know it's not easy.
The way they suffer right now. 
We keep on praying to save our house from the fire, my relatives from the MNLF.

By: ShehGarLynn

Friday, September 13, 2013

5th Day of Invasion In Zamboanga City

We are hoping the war will finish soon, and they will 
go back to their respective house, but unfortunately
The war become more conflict, because the MNLF
Take the hostages as their human sheild,
We heared some being rape, may Allah (SWT) 
Forgive those evil doers.
Some people who has family affected are anger, 
Asking why this war is not over?
Anger with the government and also to the MNLF.
We don't know what really happened.

I feel sad for those who die, because of the war they die at the young age. 

Our President Ninoy Aquino

We all praying this war will end soon, praying to all
The hostages be release, and let the MNLF surender.
We are tired of waiting the result, they are just playing
Like acting in the movie, we are keep waiting when, and
What is the ending of this stories. 

By: ShehGarLynn

Thursday, September 12, 2013

4th Day Invasion In Zamboanga City

This picture is taken inside the Joaquin Enriquez grandstand
where most of the evacuees stayed together from different family,
Muslin, Christian, whatever their religion is. 
They are all affected by this crisis. Everyone wants to go home 
To their own houses.
Some enjoy receiving relief goods, but some are not. 

Children being train to relax their mind from traumatic event 
Happened to their life.
The DSWD lead to perform this exercise.

Some evacuees stayed in school, and some in the house 
Of their family.
As my two brothers, George and Boy family's 
Stayed with my niece Gerlie house.
My other brother's (June) family stayed with my friends house
And my Sister Nellie's family stayed with some relatives. 

By: ShehGarLynn

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

3rd Day of Invasion In Zamboanga City

Third day, loud sporadic shots and fire in Sta. Barbara is
Still going on. Yet, another fire has started in
Sta. Catalina chapel going to Martha Drive.
We are all thankful that all my siblings are out from our home, but
We are always praying that this war will finish soon.
But we hear another bad news that the
MNLF keep the civilian as their hostages, some of the hostage
Are our friends's parents, and friend of my sister, and the
Friend of my niece, and father Ofana and his family.
We keep on praying for all the hostages to keep them safe.

We keep updating the news now and then, although
Reinforcements of our soldiers are more coming from Luzon
To help Zamboanga be safe and try to rescue the hostages.
As many evacuees run to grandstand and the street in 
Cawa cawa and some to the school.
We are always hoping this war will finish soon.

By: ShehGarLynn

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2nd Day of Invasion In Zamboanga City

2nd Day of invasion we all thought, it is over,
The Moro National Liberation Front
MNLF just want to have a peace rally in City Hall.
My sister Mariam ordered my brother not to leave
Our home to guard from the thieves.

In that morning I contacted my sister Sylvia,
She already take all our sibling in a safer place
Together with the help of our eldest sister.
We are all relax and have peace in our mind. But,
After couple of minutes, we received a text saying
That the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)
Are rumored to burn all the houses they captured.
Some building in Sta. Barbara where believed MNLF's
Are hiding has started to burn around 2:00 in the afternoon,
Philippine time.

That rumors make us upset, worry, and anger.
Why? What is our government doing? Why is she not commanding?
Even the Police, Military, and the MNLF is waiting; what is next???
The residents of Zamboanga is waiting for the immediate action.
I called my sister Sylvia right away to order my brother
Boy to get out of our house together with my other
Sibling as soon as possible and tell him
To contact Estrell (my sister-in-law) as well.
I was so paranoid that I hear my heart and
My mind saying "let your family out!"
I could not eat, I was restless.

But my weapon is only my prayer, my faith to Allah (SWT).
Ya Allah! Protect my families, friends,
Relatives, and to all Filipino's from any harm.
Keep them all safe in one roof, and our houses from the fire.
Touch the heart of the person behind this scene.
Ya Allah! You have the power above them all.
You alone can control the situation. Ameen.

Ya Allah! You are the most powerful from above all.
You know what is hidden into our heart.
And you know what is the intention of the MNLF
Whoever behind the scenes touch their heart
To stop this invasion toward my fellow zambuagueneos

Friends and my relatives.
And keep them all safe. Ameen.

Miracles happen

Alhamdullilah! Allah is really great, 
He help my sibling flew from our home in a safer place
And we are grateful for the people who Allah guided to help them.

That was late afternoon, Philippines time.

Next day.

By: ShehGarLynn

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ist Day of Invasion in Zamboanga City

The government employees waiting for the order of our mayor, 
There is no order what they need to do.   

I want to document what was happening during the invasion in my hometown Zamboanga City. It was September 9, 2013, 5 A. M. Early morning Philippine times.

That was September 8, 2013 here in America, I'm busy preparing food for my father's birthday that we are going to celebrate together with my sister Mariam. At that moment we receive the bad news,
My niece Jennela saw a post on twitter and facebook that there's a war going on in our hometown. She then called our relatives in the Philippines for confirmation and to know they're well-being.

Accordingly, our hometown is being attacked by the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).
I called my sister (Mariam) right away to inform her what had happened. We both tried to contact them (our relatives in Zamboanga) right away and ask what happened.

The story goes like this:
My brother Boy is preparing (that early morning) to drop her eldest daughter, Cherry Anne in the hospital site. Then he met Nonoy, afraid and screaming saying "evacuate to TRES ALAS (a Corporation in our area in Martha Drive, Sta. Catalina) and send the children and women because
We are being invaded by Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)." They all panic at that moment.
George's children and Nonoy's manage to go to TRES ALAS. Later in the afternoon, Boy bring his children and wife to the Corporation but unfortunately, that place is already full so, he need to run again to dropped them in Hon. Guingona's house.

We keep contacting them through their cellphone. We are restless, stress, and panicky as well.
During that night I feel sorry for them. That is the first night they are separated from each other,
I hear children crying, we could not sleep during that night, Keep thinking for their situation till morning. That will be morning in the Philippines.

Please continue to 2nd Day of Invasion.

By: ShehGarLynn

My Father's Birthday

Happy 88th Birthday Papa

Dear Papa

Wherever you are,
I know you keep on watching me
You're with me wherever I go.
You're the perfect role model in my heart.

And I want to remind my sibling
How great father you are to all of us.
All your good qualities 
Keep reminding me when I'm upset.

I'm so glad you are my father
And I'm very thankful to Almighty God
For having you into my LIFE.

Today it's your birthday!!!
The day we always celebrate
Even when you are not with us.

Your birthday reminds me 
How grateful and proud I am 
You are the best Papa in this world 


By: ShehGarLynn

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Therapeutic Teas


White pine trees, Pinus strobus, are considered by some admirers
To be one of the most magnificent of forest trees.
The rapid growing pine, one of America's
Most valued timber trees, is also grown as a shade or
Ornamental tree. Native Americans used white
Pine needles medicinally as a remedy for many illneses;
A tea made from the needles was found particularly useful.
Today, we know pine-needle tea is especially
Beneficial for such respiratory problems as colds
And congestion. When it's used in a bath,
The tea is considered quite effective in treating
Chronic gout pain, nerve pain and arthritis,
As well as sprains and muscle strains.
The needles from the white pine tree are used
More commonly as a remedy than the familiar
Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris, which has similar
Components and is used as an ornament or
Christmas tree. While pine needles aren't available
Commercially, they may be gathered in the wild.

Preparation of the tea

A tea made with white pine needles is most effective
When using the young needles. Boil 3 tbsp. of fresh or
Dried pine needles in 1 qt. of water for about 2 min.
Cover and let steep for 30 min. Drink 3-4 large cups of tea,
Sweetened with honey to taste, between meals.

Therapeutic effect: Freshly gathered young pine
Needles contain ample vitamin C, as well as an essential oil.
In combination with tannic acids, bitter principles and resins,
The tea will inhibit mucus production in the bronchi
And act as a disinfectant. When used in a compress,
It can help heal wounds and relieve pain.

A good stimulant

Pine is refreshing and invigorating and may give a boost
To anyone suffering from lethargy and exhaustion.
The abundant vitamin-C content, a necessary nutrient
For all cells to repair and regenerate, makes pine-needle
Tea a good choice for those who don't get
Vitamin C from other sources.

Finding white pine

Because white pine isn't available commercially,
It's necessary to forage for the needles yourself.
The tree is distinguishable by its flexible, blue-green
Needles, arranged in bundles of five.

Caution: Some people may experience contact
Dermatitis from the resinous sap of the tree.

Medicinal Uses

  • For coughs and bronchitis Pine-needle tea is an excellent remedy for acute bronchitis, especially when it is accompanied by stubborn and thick mucus production and expectoration. The components in pine have wound-healing, decongestive and disinfectant effects on the respiratory passages. Painful throat irritation is reduced and inflamed bronchi are soothed. Even inhaling the vapors of this tea can bring relief. Drink 3 cups daily with a little honey, if desired.

  • Bath therapy A pine-needle bath is energizing and invigorating; because pine also is anti-inflammatory, a bath may be beneficial for rheumatism and gout, sprains or strains. To prepare a bath, place a large handful of fresh needles in a muslin bag and bring it to a boil in 1 qt. of water. Cover and simmer for 30 min. For the best effect, add both the liquid and the bag of needles to the bath.

  • As a diuretic Pine-needle tea has a mildly diuretic effect and will help remove small deposits that often accumulate in the kidneys and the bladder. This "gravel" may lead to paintful kidney stones. The germicidal effect in pine's essential oil alleviates inflammations associated with the urinary tract.

Healing Tea Mixtures

To flush the urinary tract
1 oz. white-pine needles
3/4 oz. dandelion leaves
3/4 oz. goldenrod herb
Prepare this medicinal tea (front), to stimulate urination and to flush crystalline deposits from the body, preventing a build-up that can lead to kidney gravel and stones.

For circulation
1 oz. white-pine needles
3/4 oz. hawthorn blossoms
1/2 oz. peppermint leaves
1/2 oz. rosemary leaves

Prepare this blend (front) for an invigorating tea. Because it is a mild stimulant, anyone with high blood pressure should drink only small amounts of the tea.

For neuralgic pain
1 oz. pine needles
1 oz. calendula flowers
1 oz. St. John's wort
Prepare a tea (front) with this medicinal plant mixture to help calm nerves and to alleviate headache from neuralgic pain. Drink as a tea or use it in a compress to relieve headache pain.

By: ShehGarLynn