Wednesday, September 11, 2013

3rd Day of Invasion In Zamboanga City

Third day, loud sporadic shots and fire in Sta. Barbara is
Still going on. Yet, another fire has started in
Sta. Catalina chapel going to Martha Drive.
We are all thankful that all my siblings are out from our home, but
We are always praying that this war will finish soon.
But we hear another bad news that the
MNLF keep the civilian as their hostages, some of the hostage
Are our friends's parents, and friend of my sister, and the
Friend of my niece, and father Ofana and his family.
We keep on praying for all the hostages to keep them safe.

We keep updating the news now and then, although
Reinforcements of our soldiers are more coming from Luzon
To help Zamboanga be safe and try to rescue the hostages.
As many evacuees run to grandstand and the street in 
Cawa cawa and some to the school.
We are always hoping this war will finish soon.

By: ShehGarLynn