Thursday, September 12, 2013

4th Day Invasion In Zamboanga City

This picture is taken inside the Joaquin Enriquez grandstand
where most of the evacuees stayed together from different family,
Muslin, Christian, whatever their religion is. 
They are all affected by this crisis. Everyone wants to go home 
To their own houses.
Some enjoy receiving relief goods, but some are not. 

Children being train to relax their mind from traumatic event 
Happened to their life.
The DSWD lead to perform this exercise.

Some evacuees stayed in school, and some in the house 
Of their family.
As my two brothers, George and Boy family's 
Stayed with my niece Gerlie house.
My other brother's (June) family stayed with my friends house
And my Sister Nellie's family stayed with some relatives. 

By: ShehGarLynn