Friday, September 13, 2013

5th Day of Invasion In Zamboanga City

We are hoping the war will finish soon, and they will 
go back to their respective house, but unfortunately
The war become more conflict, because the MNLF
Take the hostages as their human sheild,
We heared some being rape, may Allah (SWT) 
Forgive those evil doers.
Some people who has family affected are anger, 
Asking why this war is not over?
Anger with the government and also to the MNLF.
We don't know what really happened.

I feel sad for those who die, because of the war they die at the young age. 

Our President Ninoy Aquino

We all praying this war will end soon, praying to all
The hostages be release, and let the MNLF surender.
We are tired of waiting the result, they are just playing
Like acting in the movie, we are keep waiting when, and
What is the ending of this stories. 

By: ShehGarLynn