Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2nd Day of Invasion In Zamboanga City

2nd Day of invasion we all thought, it is over,
The Moro National Liberation Front
MNLF just want to have a peace rally in City Hall.
My sister Mariam ordered my brother not to leave
Our home to guard from the thieves.

In that morning I contacted my sister Sylvia,
She already take all our sibling in a safer place
Together with the help of our eldest sister.
We are all relax and have peace in our mind. But,
After couple of minutes, we received a text saying
That the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)
Are rumored to burn all the houses they captured.
Some building in Sta. Barbara where believed MNLF's
Are hiding has started to burn around 2:00 in the afternoon,
Philippine time.

That rumors make us upset, worry, and anger.
Why? What is our government doing? Why is she not commanding?
Even the Police, Military, and the MNLF is waiting; what is next???
The residents of Zamboanga is waiting for the immediate action.
I called my sister Sylvia right away to order my brother
Boy to get out of our house together with my other
Sibling as soon as possible and tell him
To contact Estrell (my sister-in-law) as well.
I was so paranoid that I hear my heart and
My mind saying "let your family out!"
I could not eat, I was restless.

But my weapon is only my prayer, my faith to Allah (SWT).
Ya Allah! Protect my families, friends,
Relatives, and to all Filipino's from any harm.
Keep them all safe in one roof, and our houses from the fire.
Touch the heart of the person behind this scene.
Ya Allah! You have the power above them all.
You alone can control the situation. Ameen.

Ya Allah! You are the most powerful from above all.
You know what is hidden into our heart.
And you know what is the intention of the MNLF
Whoever behind the scenes touch their heart
To stop this invasion toward my fellow zambuagueneos

Friends and my relatives.
And keep them all safe. Ameen.

Miracles happen

Alhamdullilah! Allah is really great, 
He help my sibling flew from our home in a safer place
And we are grateful for the people who Allah guided to help them.

That was late afternoon, Philippines time.

Next day.

By: ShehGarLynn