Sunday, August 25, 2013

Keep Smilling

If you miss me, I missed you more like crazy!!!
If you search for me, I search for you more than you do!!
If you found me still I can not recognize you!

The day you were gone, was the day I lost my sight!!!
I tried to rub my eyes and blink them one more time!!
Still I could not recognized who's in front of me!

Who are they? They are smiling; it seem like they know me!
I smile back, pretending I know them!!
Then I start walking ahead of them!!!

I start thinking from where I met them!
Then I tried to remember my past department!!
Where I am working before!!!

I keep thinking what happened to my sight!
I hope and pray to Almighty God!!
He will return my sight back.

I don't want to lose you at my side
I only remember the SWEET SMILE
Keep Smiling until I meet you
One more time.

By: ShehGarLynn