Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Only Love

You still remember me? it's a long long time ago.
That You and I met in One place
Where the Love created on me.
I thought Love is not true.
It is just imagination through our human mind.
Or in the movie that we are watching

But now, I really believe
That True Love really exists
You know why? because the love I have for you
Very fast growing like a flame
 I could not stopped, no matter the distance is
Or the time we are apart.

You are always in my mind
Every morning I wake up
To eat my breakfast, lunch, and dinner
You are the first food coming to my mind
Why does this happened every time

I never felt like this before
Because, I'm scared to fall in love
Like crazy smiling alone

We have changed over the years,
But the sparkle in your eyes is as bright as ever,
And my Love for you is even more stronger
You are My ONLY LOVE

By: ShehGarLynn